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Important Notice:   "Institution Renewal FAQ" "2018-19 Institution Renewal Circular"

Note: 16/04/2018
Institution Renewal is Open Till  22 April 2018 With Penalty of Rs. 10,000/-.

Note: Send Uploaded Renewal Application PDF File Hard Copy(Excluding Bundle of Enclosures) to KNC By Post. If Fees Payed by D.D. Enclose It Along With PDF.

For The Year 2018-19, Nursing Schools and Colleges KSNC Renewal Validity Date To Upload Online Has Been Extended up to  13 April 2018.

To Get The User ID and Password For The Institution Renewal of the Year 2018-19 Kindly Write Us At instrenewal@gmail.com With Following Details,

1. Principal Name, Email-ID And Mobile Number.
2. 2017-18 KNC Affiliation Certificate.
3. College/School Name And Address.
For The Year 2018-19 Institutions Online Renewal Helpline Number: 7019861849